Taking action together

"Take Action Together" is the underlying philosophy of everything Frédéric Back does, and it is the goal of the Caring Together site. The action taken by one person is the basis of all change, but it is vulnerable if it remains isolated. Just as streams join together to form great rivers, it is through joint action that we have the greatest impact. In a growing number of countries, rivers and forests under threat are being adopted by local conservation groups. The site Caring Together site encourages you to join organizations that are already fighting for specific goals, and which can come together to support even bigger causes. To inspire you to take action and become part of the change, the site lists a range of resources available to you:

The Workshops section offers teachers at all levels educational activities based on themes in Frédéric Back's works;

The Images for the Struggle page is for organizations that want to use Frédéric Back's artwork in support of their cause;

The tool Capturing the Changes lets you send in your recent photos of places depicted in the works posted in the Virtual Museum, to show the changes that are happening in the world;