Drawings for
Artists for Peace

"The actions we take for future generations are also those that lead to our own well-being. By taking action to protect the world's natural heritage, our personal lives become more balanced. The same interests lead us to discover, better understand and respect the miracle of life. Having more compassion for all living creatures transforms our relationship to nature. The unknown world we once feared and dominated by force becomes a calming presence, a beautiful, interconnected whole where we also have our place.

"Happiness does not exist except in discovering and sharing what we already own. By deciding to take action, to live simply, and to protect the natural riches that make our lives possible, we can avoid the kind of lifestyle that encourages destructive ownership and condemns us to perpetual dissatisfaction. "Like the character Élzéard Bouffier, who finds peace and contentment in his own steady and generous effort, each of us can contribute to our own well-being by acting with the future in mind. Persevering on the road towards an ideal can also become a source of wellness that is continually renewed. Disinterested generosity is the very essence of happiness, since its reward is in the act itself, and in imagining the benefits it will bring."

Frédéric Back, 2007