Take action,
one step at a time

"We should not think of ourselves as weak or powerless when we see the challenges ahead. Our choices, our everyday actions, all influence the fate of the Blue Planet. Our gestures – good and bad – are like trees we plant. Every one of them will bear fruit one day. So our power is much greater than we know, and our responsibility to take action is in proportion to that power.

"It is up to the most powerful countries to demonstrate, starting now, that sustainable development is possible. By committing themselves to find and share long-term solutions that reduce the impact of human activity on the biosphere, they would be giving the rest of the world a chance to choose a different path. Television, media and film also have an extraordinary power and responsibility. As we saw with The Man Who Planted Trees, messages of hope can have an unimagined impact. Anything is possible, so long as artists all over the world commit to bearing witness to the destruction, and propose solutions and offer messages of peace and hope. We are all artists, and our palette of actions to be taken is infinite. By acting according to our gifts and our means, we all have the power to help re-establish the planetary balance that is essential to life. It is up to us to ask questions, to think and act based on what we hope for in the future and to leave, if possible, a world that is better and more full of promise than the one we received."
Frédéric Back, 2007