Becoming Aware

In the following years, Frédéric Back joins organizations fighting against urban pollution and for the protection of animals, oceans and forests. He contributes financially, joins demonstrations, writes to governments, and often acts as spokesperson for the groups. But he decides to focus his efforts to achieve something primarily through his drawings. Words, numbers and laws are not enough. It would also be necessary to warn and mobilize the public using emotion.

Frédéric Back's work is imbued with his revolt. In his posters and satirical drawings, he denounces the absurdity and violence that go hand in hand with insatiable human appetites. His interest and his research on moving images take him to the animation studio at Radio-Canada in 1968. With the support of his producer, Hubert Tison, he designs and illustrates scripts with a political message. His films, intended for international distribution, propose another vision of reality and encourage people to take action. They affect millions of people, encouraging them to become agents for change and to do something for the environment. For 25 years, passionately and patiently, he will devote all his energy to this ideal.