Against pollution of every kind

Before joining the SVP, Frédéric Back was already imagining another version of modern life. In his drawings, he proposed a coherent, socially conscious kind of architecture for cities whose bylaws would limit advertising and encourage public transport. But he was overworked and under-researched, and he felt powerless and alone. With the SVP and other organizations, he found solidarity and new sources of information and inspiration. The anti-pollution movement is often treated with derision, "but it's better to be ridiculous than insensitive to what is truly important," was Frédéric Back's reply. He knew that volunteer organizations have limited distribution access, and so he began to put his convictions into his films to reach a wider audience. In 1976, the script for his animated film Illusion? was inspired by this struggle. From that time on, the fundamental message of all his films would be to denounce pollution and encourage the slow work of healing the planet. The SVP would even appear in Crac!, between the cement of a nuclear power station and a building site.