Against pollution of every kind

In 1968, Frédéric Back joined a group of citizens who, like him, wanted to "educate people and raise awareness about the hidden dangers of economic and industrial success." Two years later, Hélène Lajambe founded the Société pour vaincre la pollution (SVP), which in English became the Society to Overcome Pollution (STOP). From acid rain to nuclear power to contaminants in the St. Lawrence River, the SVP would become the Quebec people's source of information on hundreds of environmental files. In 1971, Frédéric Back was part of Un fleuve, un parc (One river, one park), a project to bring greenspace back to urban environments. At the Salon de la Femme, he organized a booth for the SVP offering posters, public speakers and legal advice in the fight against pollution. He was soon denouncing the arbitrary destruction associated with construction for the 1976 Montreal Olympics. As an SVP board member (and later its Chair), Frédéric Back supported the group for many years with his pencils, his pen and his feet. The SVP is still active thanks to its scientists, lawyers and artists, but most of all, thanks to the dedicated citizens who continue to call industry and government to account.