Help for the rivers and oceans

Everything beautiful and essential is also fragile. The rivers and oceans that once teemed with life, nourishing humanity over thousands of years, are now being emptied of their riches. The overuse of oceans everywhere in the world is putting disastrous pressure on all the populations of fish, shellfish and marine mammals destined for the marketplace. "With the technical advances in equipment, fishing boats have become like warships, chillingly efficient," destabilizing the trophic balance of the oceans to an alarming degree. In exchange for the extraordinary numbers of lives that humans take from these waters, they return nothing but poison and waste. "Not one watercourse, not one ocean – no matter how large – is safe from the phenomenal pollution that humans generate." Urban, industrial and agricultural pollutants saturate these waters, suffocating lakes and poisoning aquatic life. To meet the demands of corporate interests, rivers are re-channeled, their banks cemented up, and wetlands – those fertile transition areas between land and water where living creatures thrive – are drained.