Help for the rivers and oceans

Rivers and oceans are under threat, but they also have an incredible capacity for regeneration – if we give them enough time. Frédéric Back believes in the crucial role of education in the movement to stop the assault on water. In his drawings, he blends information and emotion to create wonder and replace indifference with revolt and action. His film has become a tool for educators, organizations and festivals dedicated to reminding us of the vital link between water and humanity. "We do not nourish ourselves with oil, or gold or diamonds. We nourish ourselves with the life that is given to us by water," he summarizes.

Today, when climate change and control over drinking water have become international issues, Frédéric Back continues the struggle, in the media and with organizations such as the Eau-secours Coalition, the Fondation Rivière and the Sea Shepherd Society. "We all need to be part of this lifesaving mission. Water is the source of life, beauty and hope!" Like him, let's protect water, so that it comes fully back to life and "so that it will always give birth to reasons for us to wonder, search and discover."