To save the forests

Forests are also the source of a precious raw material – wood. It is the ideal material, and for millennia it has warmed and sheltered humans, carrying them from cradle to grave. With the development of the forest industry, wood is now more available than ever, but the generous forests that feed this industry do not have time to regenerate: they have become a source of profit that is being logged to the point of desertification. Every day, from the tropics to the northern hemisphere, entire forests are logged for markets and the stumps burnt to clear the land for farming and ranching, "creating emptiness where once there was unimaginable biological richness." In other areas, forests fall victim to the needs of an ever growing population for cooking fuel and warmth. Every forest lost – no matter what the cause – is a tragedy that carries away with it both indigenous human cultures and the animal species that depend on forest cover. Everywhere, this devastation is happening with increasingly terrifying speed.