To save the forests

The media quickly identified Frédéric Back with Elzéard Bouffier, the character to whom he gave life, and the retiring artist was thrust into the glare of television, guest speaking engagements, interviews and public lectures. People everywhere want to hear him speak. The urgency of his message makes him decide to take the microphone he is offered, and to use the media coverage to promote tree planting and to criticize "a society that takes from nature the way it goes shopping in a department store, without thinking of the consequences." At every appearance, he shows his support for organizations working for trees and for future generations, such as Richard Desjardins's Action Boréale in Quebec and the international group Trees for Life. In schools, on radio and television, he encourages people to "Plant a tree!" Every year, each of us should do this simple, beneficial thing – plant a tree and watch it grow. For the pleasure, of course, but also to better understand, protect and share the miracle of life.