Artisan farmers

"For thousands of years, humanity has been drawing on the legacy of the natural environment, first to feed themselves, and then to enrich themselves at the expense of a treasure that once seemed endless." But today that treasure is being squandered. To find a healthier balance, Frédéric Back believes every one of our actions is important. He has been a vegetarian for more than thirty years, a choice he encourages out of respect for animal life and against waste (it takes ten kilos of wheat to produce one kilo of meat). He has been a supporter since 2001 of the Union paysanne (Farmers union), which has been fighting in Quebec "for a living rural landscape and farming on a human scale". As the title of the Ève Lamont documentary reminds us, "Il n'y a pas de pays sans paysans" (There's no country without farmers). Frédéric Back is also a member of the Quebec Association of Landscape Architects, which among its other activities encourages the recognition of landscapes in the natural environment.

From drawing-table to interview studio, Frédéric Back calls on people to support sustainable agriculture. By buying local organic produce and fairly traded import goods, we can all improve the quality of our food and contribute to re-establishing the necessary mutual exchange between Humans and Earth. "The forests, the farmers and the animals of the world are having so many problems precisely because we have lost that sense of exchange. You have to give in order to receive."