• To have children write varied texts using specific
   composing strategies.

• To develop oral and written communcation
   and analytic skills.
• To have children use descriptive words to create a poem.
• To have children compose texts using techniques,
   knowledge and strategies specific to poetry.

A social group of parents, children, and sometimes grandparents, uncles, aunts, and other relatives.
Her family moved here when she was eleven.
Many people cope with the demands of both career and family.
She wants to get married and have a family (= have children).

A piece of writing in which words chosen for their sound and the images and ideas they suggest are arranged in separate lines, often using rhyme and metre.

A five-line poem.



Preliminary Activity #3: My Family
- No materials needed.

Activity #3: Write a Family Cinquain
- Pen and paper

Follow-Up Activity #3: Colour your Cinquain
- Coloured pens and your Family Cinquain

Preliminary Activity #3:
My Family

Group discussion
- What is a family?
- How many people are in your family?
- Who is in your family?
- How are they related to you?
- Are your pets a member of your family?
- What is a description?
- When do we describe things?
- What are some of the reasons that we describe things?
- What kinds of words might you use to describe your family?

Activity #3:
Write a Family Cinquain

Cinquain (pronounced sin-cane) is a five-line poem. The name comes from the French “cinq” meaning “five”. A cinquain describes a subject and expresses feelings related to it.

Take a piece of paper and draw the following blank lines:

__________   __________
__________   __________   __________
__________   __________   __________   __________

Now, fill in the blanks:
Line 1—One word
(noun) names the subject of your poem
Line 2—Two words
(adjectives, phrase) describe the subject
Line 3—Three words
(verbs) describe actions related to the subject
Line 4— Four words
(word phrase) capture a thought about the subject
Line 5—One word
(synonym) refers to the subject in another way

Cinquains written in this diamond shape are sometimes called diamond poems. Here is an example of an informal cinquain:

tall   green
growing   reaching   shading
lungs   of  the  earth
Follow-Up Activity #3:
Colour your Cinquain

Use colour to express the ideas and feelings in your poem.


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