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This activity will help children realize that rivers are tangible evidence of the water cycle, the process in which water is constantly moving and changing form.

• Make copies of the activity sheet You Never Step
   into the Same River Twice
• Give a copy to each child.
• Have the children read the text on the activity sheet.
• Have the children each do a drawing.
• Have the children answer the questions following the text.
• Have the children try to observe these phenomena in real life.
See The Water Cycle diagram below
or download The water Cycle if Internet access is not available.DOWNLOAD TEACHING NOTES 2: The Water Cycle
You Never Step into the Same River Twice
DOWNLOAD ACTIVITY SHEET 2:  You Never Step into the Same River Twice
The Water Cycle
Illustrated by Frédéric Back

The water cycle is continuous, with no beginning and no end!

1. Evaporation

The sun heats up the water in the ocean
and transforms it into water vapour
(an invisible gas suspended in the air).

2. Cloud formation
The water vapour rises and cools.
This transforms it into tiny water
droplets, which form clouds.
The wind pushes these clouds over
the land.

3. Precipitation

Water falls from the clouds in
the form of rain or, if it's colder,
as snow, sleet or hail.

4. Collection
When the water falls to the ground,
it collects in streams and rivers
or seeps into the earth (groundwater).

5. Back to the sea
The streams flow into rivers
which flow into the sea.

And the cycle starts all over again!


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