• To invent short scenes.

• To have participants use the language, styles and
   elements of theatre, and stage techniques.
• To encourage them to express their writing skills
   in different media.
• To have them use language to communicate and learn.
• To improve spoken and written language.
• To have them write a play using descriptive language.
• To encourage them to share a creative process together.

What happens, the facts and events that are presented or recounted.
The action of the film takes place in Nunavut.
In the novel, the action moves between Greece and southern Spain.

The person represented in a film, play or story.
The film has three main characters.
She had Mickey Mouse or some other cartoon character on her sweater.

A conversation written for a play, book or film.
The dialogue was written in English and Cree.
Act Two begins with a dialogue between two harp seals.

A speech or text at the end of a play, book or film, providing information about events that occurred after the end of the action and adding to the audience’s understanding of it.
The epilogue to a story, novel or play.

To perform the role of a character in a play, film or other entertainment; to play an instrument in a musical work; to run or be performed at a theatre.
In the film version, Kenneth Branagh played the hero.
I didn't realize Macbeth was playing (= being performed) at the Guildhall.

A dramatic work intended to be performed in a theatre, or for broadcast on radio or television.

A series of events that forms the heart of a story, play, novel or film.
The play has a very simple plot.
The plot revolves around the relationship between two brothers.

A text or speech that precedes the main action of a play, story, long poem or other work, presenting events that occurred before the main action begins or ideas to enrich the audience’s understanding of what is about to unfold.

A detailed outline of the speeches or dialogue and directions to the actors in a play or film.

The décor representing the time and place where the action of a play or other performance takes place, including the backdrop, furniture and other objects.
They changed the sets at intermission.

A building or other space where a play or other work is performed or a film is screened.
They made a puppet theatre out of a cardboard box.
An artform in which actors play characters and events on stage, following the theatre conventions of their time and culture.
In the Elizabethan theatre, female roles were played by male actors.


Preliminary Activity #3: What is a Play?
- No materials required.

Activity #3: Invent and Write a Play
- Handout: Write a PlayDownload Activity Sheet #3: Write a Play

Preliminary Activity #3:
What is a Play?

Group discussion
Basic Components
• Discuss the different components
   involved in writing a play.
• Watch the film All Nothing and identify
   the different elements in the story:
       • Characters;
       • Setting;
       • Plot – (action) beginning, middle and end;
* see definitions
• What are the differences and similarities
   between a novel and a play?
• Have you ever been to the theatre?
• What did you see?
• What do you remember?
• What did you like or not like?
• What will your play be about?
• What will be the message of your play?
• Will it be a serious or a funny play?

Activity #3:
Invent and Write a Play

Divide the group into teams of 3 to 6 people.

The title All Nothing was inspired by the theatrical work A Soldier's Tale, written by Charles-Ferdinand Ramuz and set to music by Igor Stravinsky.
It is a parable about a soldier who trades his fiddle to the Devil for a book that provides him with all the riches of the world. But he soon comes to the bitter realization that having everything is like having nothing at all.

Invite students to choose one of the following themes:
- Protection of animals
- Nature’s beauty
- Separation of humankind from nature
- Animals and their contribution to the world
- Consumerism tied to clothing
- Responsibility
- Happiness
- Re-use

The children should clearly express the message of their play. If they want to, they can cover their heads with a piece of fabric rather than hiding behind a desk.

Help younger children feel comfortable writing a play for puppets (SEE Activity 4). The characters may be humans or animals.

- Use the text Write a PlayDownload Activity Sheet #3: Write a Play
Each member of the team invents a character and helps write the story or plot.


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