• To involve children in creating and sharing art, theatre and ideas.

• To have children work in teams to create a puppet show.
• To have them present the show to others,
   especially younger children, family and friends.

A group of people gathered in one place to watch a dance performance, film or play, or to listen to someone speaking; the people watching or listening to a radio or television program.

A performance or program that is entertaining rather than serious.
a quiz show, a game show
Why don't we go to London on Saturday and see a show?
We put on a puppet show for Jamie's birthday.


Preliminary Activity #6: Preparing the Puppet Show
- No materials required.

Activity #6: The Puppet Show
- Puppets
- Scenery / Sets / Background


Preliminary Activity #6:
Preparing the Puppet Show

Group discussion
- Why should we present our puppet show?
- Who should our audience be?
- What ideas do we want to get across to our audience?
If possible, attend a puppet show. If not, look at photos or the Internet.
- How will you set up your puppet show?
- Will you be hidden from view?
If you can, attend a puppet show. If not, watch one on the Internet.

Activity #6:
The Puppet Show

Put on a puppet show for younger students, teachers, friends and family.

Have a question and answer period at the end of the show.

This is a good time for participants to pass on to their guests what they have learned about recycling, responsibility, working in a team, creating, writing and producing a show.

Choose a date to present your show. Send out invitations.


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