An animation studio at Radio-Canada

As chance would have it, I met Hubert Tison, whose superb animation work I knew and who was right in the middle of setting up an animation studio at Radio-Canada. Jean-Claude Rinfret, one of my former students at the École des beaux-arts de Montréal, was head of set design and hired me back on at Radio-Canada. The team in the studio included some of the most talented artists around, with all kinds of technical experience, and I learned to use a whole new range of very interesting and up-to-date animation processes. Hubert’s enthusiasm was infectious and commissions started pouring in to our department, primarily for title design but also to illustrate content, do animated sets, and so forth.

Hubert Tison and Frédéric Back in Radio-Canada’s animation studio. Credit: André Le Coz, 1985ca
Jean-Claude Rinfret Credit: Radio-Canada
Daniel Méry’s opening credits for the program Décision. Credit: Novum Gebrauchsgraphik, October 10, 1979
André Théroux’s opening credits for the program L'observateur. Credit: Novum gebrauchsgraphik, October 10, 1979