Management of Radio-Canada’s youth programming

Robert Roy

“Robert Roy succeeded Claude Caron and Rolland Guay as head of Radio-Canada’s youth programming, a department that had an important place in the program line-up because of the quality and number of unforgettable shows it produced. Whether educational, whimsical or musical, these programs showcased the full range of artistic talent with unflagging inventiveness. The international exchange of children’s animation took place under the aegis of Radio-Canada’s youth programming, and Robert Roy as head of the department and later as director of Radio-Canada programs continued to support the animation studio’s productions. It was Robert Roy who got the go-ahead for The Man Who Planted Trees , though no project of that kind had ever before been accepted by Radio-Canada or the National Film Board of Canada. Even after he retired, his influence helped get The Mighty River into production. He never stopped taking a friendly interest in the success of all these films he helped launch.”

[Document: P_2187_2]

[Photo] Robert Roy