Frédéric Back is grateful to the different editors who, each in their own way, helped him improve his films.

Thérèse Tison (Bernard)

She edited Abracadabra, Inon or The Conquest of Fire, The Creation of Birds and Taratata.

[Document: P_1764_3]

[Photo] Thérèse Tison at her Steenbeck with Hubert Tison.

André Long

He edited Illusion?.

[Document: P_0884_3]

[Photo] Left to right, André Mélançon, Frederick Back, Léonie Gervais and André Long.

Jacques Leroux

Jacques Leroux edited All Nothing and Crac!.

[Document: P_0881]

[Photo] The Crac! team!. Jacques Leroux is the one in the light-coloured jacket standing just behind Ghylaine.
Credit: Guy Dubois

Norbert Pickering

Norbert Pickering edited The Man Who Planted Trees and The Mighty River.

[Document: P_1766]

[Photo] Norbert Pickering