Normand Roger

Normand Roger is a talented composer and sound designer who has worked with world-renowned animators on numerous animated films, many of which have gone on to win prestigious international awards.

“Normand Roger’s participation in all aspects of the soundtrack adds an extra dimension to the images. His personal tastes are a perfect match for the subject of my films, where the quality of life is of great importance. He pays close attention to visual details and knows exactly how best to accompany and underscore them. It’s always an amazing moment when Normand arrives with his recordings that go so well with the image and draw attention to so many details. He brings into the foreground things that are only suggested, and his musical themes carry emotion and imagination far beyond the visual. For me, the point when sound and picture come together is always a revelation, the most beautiful moment in a project.”

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[Photo] Left to right, Jean Robillard, Claude Lapierre, Frédéric Back, Normand Roger and Hubert Tison.

Normand Roger on Frédéric Back

“With Frédéric Back, there’s no doubt as to the integrity of his feelings. The importance of the message he conveys is equally undeniable. The more we know the man, the more we can appreciate that he knows what he’s talking about. He inspires total confidence and we are proud to help communicate his vision.”
Published in ASIFA-Canada, vol.16, no. 1, April 1988

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[Photo] Left to right: Normand Roger, Hubert Tison, Frédéric Back and Raymond David.

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[Photo] Left to right: Claude Lapierre, Hubert Tison, Frédéric Back, Normand Roger, Norbert Pickering and Michel Descombes.