Drawing on frosted cels

"It was in making All Nothing that I found 'my' technique when I tried drawing with coloured pencil on frosted cels, a material more commonly used by architects and engineers. This allowed me to reduce the size of the drawings and to use coloured pencil, which wouldn't have adhered to the smooth surface of a transparent cel. The semi-transparency of the frosted cel gives a certain texture to the image and enables great freedom of expression. Wax-based coloured pencils (I used Prismacolor) came in a wide range of colours and were readily available. I gradually perfected the technique and re-used it in my subsequent films." F.B.

[Document: P_0361]

[Photo] Frédéric Back with his coloured pencils.
Credit: Michel Roulette

[Document: D_1684]

[Illustration] Drawing from the film All Nothing.
Credit: Radio-Canada and Frédéric Back, 1978