The soundtrack

International distribution is much easier for animated films 'without words'—films whose images are enhanced through sound effects and music alone, avoiding narration altogether. Frédéric Back considers himself immensely lucky to have worked with a musician as sensitive and talented as Normand Roger, who created the soundtrack and score for six of his films. Back always found it fascinating to see his images come to life through the appropriate sound and music and, indeed, feels that the success of Crac! is at least in part due to the traditional Quebec folk music that propels the film and delights the audience.

[Vidéo] How Normand Roger and Denis Chartrand composed the music.
Credit: Radio-Canada, La semaine verte, 1993, 01:21

[Vidéo] Frédéric Back discusses the importance of sound in animation.
Credit: Radio-Canada, Horizon 2000, 1984, 00:46