Canada | Plains Indians


Ceremonial headdresses were made from eagle feathers and weasel, ermine or other animal skins, and sometimes decorated with antelope or buffalo horns (if the wearer was a warrior). Moccasins were often made from the soft tanned hides of deer, moose, elk or buffalo. Ceremonial moccasins were decorated with beads or porcupine quills.


Women’s robes were made from animal skins and decorated with porcupine quills, beads, fringes, and deer or elk teeth.


Men wore leggings and buffalo robes. For special occasions, they also wore elk hide or buckskin shirts garnished with fringes and decorated with beads and porcupine quills ― sometimes even with the hair of their enemies!

[peinture #03015]
Blackfoot Chief in Ceremonial Dress
1949, summer
Canada, Alberta, Calgary
Study, gouache, on studio paper
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