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Brittany is known for the originality and beauty of its furnishings. The chest, considered the symbol of home and hearth, is perhaps the oldest piece in the cabinet-making tradition. Its carved panels typically featured geometric motifs or religious images. The most classic example of Breton furniture is the lit clos(closed bed or box-bed). Designed for warmth and intimacy, the closed bed was separated from the common room by doors or curtains. Bedding and linens were stored in a chest at the foot of the bed, which also served as a bench. The hutch, cabinet and clock, invariably executed with precision, subtlety and attention to decorative detail, are other traditional Breton furnishings.

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Godmother Marguerite Gantier's Dining Room
Marguerite Gantier collected plates. The first time Frédéric entered her house, he was struck by the beauty and richness of these antiques. The house had four floors.
France, Brittany, Finistère, Quimper
Sketch, felt pen, sketchbook page (disbound)
Credit: Frédéric Back
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