Mediterranean city, modern urban centre, ancient capital, Holy See of the Catholic Church: Rome wears many hats. As long ago as the early Renaissance, Rome was a destination of choice for artists and architects wishing to study ancient traditions. At every turn, its labyrinthine alleys, passageways and dead ends reveal the monuments for which the city is justly famous: the Roman Pantheon (whose bronze portico ceiling was melted down and used to make St. Peter’s baldachin); the Arch of Titus and nearby Roman Colosseum; the Trevi Fountain, completed in the 18th century by Niccolo Pannini; and many, many more. Rome today remains an unparalleled pilgrimage site for anyone working (or interested) in the fine arts.

[peinture #11110]
Italy, Rome
Sketch, felt pen, on drawing paper
Credit: Frédéric Back
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