Drawing on many traditions, Mexican architecture serves up ample opportunities for contemplation. The European influence, from Baroque through Neoclassical, Beaux-Arts and modern, can be seen in the country’s convents, fortifications, castles, public squares, basilicas and other buildings. But there is also the pre-Columbian tradition, whose wondrous structures ― including pyramids, temples, towers and ball courts ― bear witness to thousands of years of culture and heritage.

Cities and towns

Mexico’s towns and villages harbour countless treasures. In Monterrey, the capital of Nuevo León, the distinctive rocky ridge of the Cerro de la Silla dominates the landscape. Teotihuacán is home to impressive ruins of the classical period. In Mexico City, the famous Basilica of Our Lady of Guadalupe, whose construction began in 1531, is a must-see. The narrow colonial streets of Guadalajara, also known as ‘Pearl of the Occident,’ lead to the Hospicio Cabañas, Latin America’s oldest hospital.

[peinture #06091]
Mexico, Guadalajara
Sketch, felt pen, on Canson paper
Credit: Frédéric Back
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