Polar region


The Inuit lived fairly hand to mouth, depending on each day’s hunt. Other than a few berries, a root called “mahu” and the contents of the caribou’s stomach, they ate only meat and fish, raw or slightly cooked. They would consume almost the entire animal, including the head, bone marrow, heart and other organs. They did not eat polar bear liver, which they considered poisonous. This diet provided all the necessary starch, protein, fat, vitamins and minerals. However, if the migrating caribou took a different route, the Arctic char spawned late, the dog was unable to locate the seals’ breathing holes, or a fierce blizzard kept the hunters inside for days on end, they were faced with starvation and might have to eat their dogs. This was done only as a last resort since they could not survive without dogs to help in the hunt and protect them from bears.

[peinture #07012]
Central Arctic Inuit Igloo
Book Illustration, dry pastel, on Letraset paper
Credit: Frédéric Back and Libre Expression
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