YUL 871

Drama, black and white, 35mm, 1966
Running time: 01:10:37
Director and writer: Jacques Godbout
Producer: André Belleau (National Film Board of Canada)
Director of photography: Georges Dufaux
Location sound: Claude Pelletier
Editing: Victor Jobin
Sound editing: Bernard Bordeleau
Sets: Frédéric Back in collaboration with René Petit
Music: François Dompierre and Stéphane Venne
Cast: Paul Buissonneau, Charles Denner, Jacques Desrosiers, Jean Duceppe, Victor Désy, Andrée Lachapelle, Francine Landry, Jean Lapointe, Jérôme Lemay, Louise Marleau, Jacques Normand, Claude Préfontaine, Boudha Bradon, Violette Bussy and Connie Kilbourn


In this dramatic feature directed by the acclaimed documentary filmmaker and author Jacques Godbout, a European engineer, played by French actor Charles Denner, flies to Montreal on business only to find his meeting postponed for a couple of days. To kill time, he wanders around the city and tries to locate his parents displaced by World War II. He also is briefly adopted by a little girl and has a love affair with a beautiful young woman. Frédéric Back helped make the two sets used in the film: a gunsmith's shop and a shooting gallery.


When Frédéric Back drew his initial sketches for the two sets, he had not yet seen the script. He knew only that the action took place in Montreal. He therefore imagined a gunsmith's shop typical of those found in the city-looking something like a hardware store. His colleague, René Petit, suggested he invent something more upscale. He also encouraged him to add a bit of fantasy to the shooting gallery. Heeding his advice, Back redid his sketches and plans for the sets, which were then executed by René Petit. Jacques Godbout loved them.