L'ours et la loutre

French education program for young anglophones: Quebec School Telecast
Produced and broadcast by CBC
Graphic artist: Frédéric Back
Producer: Leonard Weinstein
Technique: Felt pen on cels
Running time: 10 minutes
Narration: Jean-Paul Nolet
Broadcast: November 14, 1969

To teach children French, the writers of this educational series used simple stories from around the world, without really adapting them for their target audience. One such story illustrated by Frédéric Back was about a parrot and was set in Spain (Excerpt 1).

L'ours et la loutre is the first animated film made by Frédéric Back. It is not listed in his filmography since it was never broadcast outside this program. Back came up with the script to provide young Canadians with a film whose subject was closer to their reality than those proposed by the program's official writers. He based it on a story by Rudyard Kipling, an author whose values were akin to his own. However, he replaced the exotic animals in Kipling's story with animals indigenous to Canada-the bear and the otter.