Chardonnet et la soie artificielle
(Chardonnet and Artificial Silk)

Initial broadcast: 13/02/1960
Running time: 00:30:00
Producers: Guy Hoffmann and Jean Martinet
Writers: Fernand Séguin and Réginald Boisvert
Cast: Gérard Poirier as Hilaire de Chardonnet, Denise Provost as Camille de Chardonnet, Camille Ducharme as Gustave de Chardonnet and Jean-Paul Dugas as Alfred de Chardonnet
Frédéric Back: set and tapestry


Gustave de Chardonnet announces to his son Hilaire that the Count of Chambord wants him to conduct research on the diseases that were ravaging the French silk industry. Count Hilaire de Chardonnet subsequently embarks on a long series of experiments trying to create a fibre like that spun by the silkworm and eventually develops a process for the industrial manufacture of artificial silk.