Louis et Auguste Lumière, les Gutenberg du XXe siècle
(Louis and Auguste Lumière, 20th Century Gutenbergs)

Initial broadcast: 27/02/1960
Running time: 00:30:00
Producers: Guy Hoffmann and Jean Martinet
Writers: Fernand Séguin and Réginald Boisvert
Cast: Gaëtan Labrèche as Louis Lumière, Jacques Letourneau as Auguste Lumière, André Cailloux as Antoine Lumière, Henry Deyglun as Georges Méliès and Guy Hoffmann as Monsieur Lallemand
Frédéric Back: set


Highlights in the lives of the Lumière brothers, from childhood photos taken by their father to the invention of the "Cinématographe," a combination motion picture camera and projector.