Robert Fulton et le bateau à vapeur
(Robert Fulton and the Steamboat)

Initial broadcast: 30/01/1960
Running time: 00:30:00
Producers: Guy Hoffmann and Jean Martinet
Writers: Fernand Séguin and Jean Matteau
Cast: Paul Hébert as Robert Fulton, Yvon Dufour as Robert R. Livingston, Renée Girard as Harriett Livingston, Jean-Claude Deret as Joel Barlow and Guy Belanger as Browne
Frédéric Back: set and steamboat


While living in Paris, the American Robert Fulton dreamed of adapting the steam engine for use in shipping and tested his first prototypes off the Quai de Chaillot. He later returned to the United States to carry out the project developed in France with Robert R. Livingston. In 1807, his Clermont steamed up the Hudson River from New York City to Albany, launching the first commercially successful steamboat service.