In defence of animals

For Frédéric Back, animals are "models, indispensable companions, the most marvellous example of natural beauty we have with us throughout our lives." They are the result of a slow and prodigious evolution and "their story is full of lessons of courage, loyalty, intelligence and adaptation. The astonishing diversity of animal forms and habits is an infinite source of inspiration and discoveries." Animals also contribute to maintaining an essential ecological balance. From the largest predators to the smallest herbivores right down to the insects, each has its place in the complex ecosystems we depend on much more than we know. Frédéric Back has always surrounded himself with animals, enjoying the company of these anonymous benefactors. Pets and wild creatures, in the city and in the country… he gave them shelter and food and offered them his friendship. Out of this close relationship and his minute observations came the irreplaceable animals that populate his work.