In defence of animals

The fate of the animals we live with is hardly better. From the keeping of pets and the industrial raising of animals for slaughter to animal testing, trapping and hunting for sport, Frédéric Back has always keenly felt "the unjustified brutality, torture and negligence of which animals are the object." In the name of progress, entertainment or luxury, humans convinced of their own superiority accept that billions of animals die tragically every year. The victims of indifference, they are irradiated, poisoned, mutilated, destroyed and forgotten. In response to this daily slaughter, he supports local groups and international organizations such as the Fauna Foundation and the World Wildlife Fund (WWF), and tries to remain optimistic. "The 19th century saw an end to slavery and torture on a huge scale. The 20th century undertook to give rights to workers, women and children. So we can hope for and work towards a 21st century that will recognize the fundamental rights of the environment and of animals."