In defence of animals

For Frédéric Back, the violence is often encouraged by the legal status of animals and the absence of laws to protect their rights. Legally, these living creatures are considered property or renewable resources. When Suzanne and Roger Beullac came to him in the early 1970s with their idea, he immediately joined with them to set up the Société québécoise pour la défense des animaux (Quebec society for the defence of animals) or SQDA. Rather than a physical but temporary shelter, the SQDA wanted to give animals a legal refuge. For 30 years, it has been making submissions to government "to obtain positive, effective legislation that would have a wide-ranging impact" on behalf of the animal world. It also raises public awareness through demonstrations, conferences and publications. Frédéric Back has supported each of their campaigns with his drawings, and with the film All Nothing (1978), he made an even greater impact, reminding people that once the life around us disappears it can never be replaced.