Le Nez de Cléopâtre

Weekly entertainment show
Broadcast by Radio-Canada starting in 1952
Producers: Jean Boisvert and Jean-Pierre Sénécal
Writer: Marie-Ève Liénard-Boisjoli
Graphic artist: Frédéric Back (1953 to 1955)


A very popular Sunday-evening quiz show consisting of a set of riddles to be solved with the help of a verbal clue and a drawing done live on air by Frédéric Back. Hosted by Roger Duhamel, it presented a dozen riddles which four "experts" had to solve by asking questions. Each week, one of the riddles was selected from suggestions sent in by TV viewers. Quebecers loved the intellectual gymnastics, and the program owed much of its success to Back's clever drawings and subtle humour.


Le Nez de Cléopâtre was Frédéric Back's first contract with Radio-Canada. In working for the newly created television network, the 29-year-old artist discovered a whole new world in which he could put his skills and talent to use. He would receive the riddles a few days in advance and would prepare small sketches, which he would later reproduce on a much larger scale in front of the camera. It was enjoyable and stimulating work, and he stayed with the show for three years.