L'Heure du concert / The Concert Hour
Debut broadcast: 08/12/1955 (simulcast on the English-language station CBLT Toronto)
Running time: 00:53:30
Announcer: Henri Bergeron (in French and English)
Studio director: Irving Guttman
Producer: Françoys Bernier
Graphic artist: Frédéric Back


The McGill Chamber Orchestra, conducted by Alexander Brott, plays works by Handel, Mozart, Vivaldi and Louis-Claude Daquin, as well as Divertissement by Jacques Ibert, with organist E. Power Biggs, soprano Elizabeth Benson Guy and oboist Melvin Berman. Accompanied by illustrations by Frédéric Back.

An improvised projector

For Divertissement, Frédéric Back combined paper cut-out and cardboard illustrations with animation on 16mm film by means of a rudimentary projector in which each image was fed by hand. This allowed him to synchronize his images with the music played live by the orchestra but it required a good musical memory to make sure the illustrations matched the score.