Fête et parade

L'Heure du concert
Debut broadcast: 23/06/1956
Running time: 00:51:28
Announcer: Henri Bergeron
Choreographers: Ludmilla Chiriaeff and Éric Hyrst
Producer: Noël Gauvin
Set designer: Jac Pell
Costume designer: Claudette Picard
Graphic artist: Frédéric Back


The CBC Symphony Orchestra, under the direction of Fernand Graton, plays Michel Perrault's Fête et parade, with trumpet soloist Jacques Lecomte. Illustrations by Frédéric Back.

Live animation

In trying to come up with ways to vary the illustrations for L'Heure du concert, Frédéric Back recalled a toy that was sold with a certain type of candy when he was a child. In manipulating the toy, figures could be made to move back and forth. With this as his inspiration, he developed a system for creating the illusion of movement. First, he drew a parade on a roll of black paper, cutting out certain elements such as the drumsticks, the spokes in the wheels of the floats, and the legs of the people and horses. He then unspooled this illustration in front of a piece of black cardboard with white stripes, which made the cut-out parts appear and disappear, giving an impression of movement in double time. The challenge in doing this live was to ensure that the white flashes were in sync with the music.