Prince Igor

L'Heure du concert
Debut broadcast: 25/03/1954
Running time: 00:59:20
Announcer: Henri Bergeron
Studio director: Irving Guttman
Producer: Pierre Mercure
Graphic artist: Frédéric Back


The CBC Symphony Orchestra, under the direction of conductor Paul Scherman, plays excerpts from Borodin's Prince Igor, accompanying pianist Aline Van Barentzen, baritone Louis Quilico and dancers Maria Tallchief and André Eglevsky. The music is highlighted with illustrations by Frédéric Back.

Variable-perspective scenery

In 1954, television cameras were unwieldy pieces of equipment with limited mobility and precision. To make filming easier and give the impression of many different sets, Frédéric Back used large sheets of cardboard on which he would paint the general background, detailing certain areas through the clever use of perspective. Painted with gouache or acrylic, usually in black and white, this artwork permitted visual effects that helped compensate for the cramped sets.