• To have children experience creating
   and sharing a group art show.

• To have the children work in a team to create an event.
• To help them consider notions of subject,
   audience, and guest.
• To have them develop strategies for working
   and sharing together.
• To develop analytic and writing skills.

An exhibition of works of art.

A preview showing


Preliminary Activity #5: Preparing the Exhibition
- Visit an exhibition in a gallery and/or on the Internet

Activity #5: Vernissage
- An object that represents the traditions of the family (object, draw or photo) (See Activity 1)
- Art boxes (See Activity 2)
- The Family Cinquain Poem (See Activity 3)
- The Family Totem Pole (See Activity 4)
- Classroom, hallway, gymnasium, school library.

Preliminary Activity #5:
Preparing the Exhibition

Group discussion
- What is an art exhibition?
- Why should we share our art?
- What ideas do we want to get
  across to our audience?
- What is Art for art's sake versus
  Art as a vehicle to send a message?
- How do we understand certain works?
- How do we value them?
- How should we display the pieces in
  the show?

Visit an exhibition at a gallery and/or on the Internet:
Frédéric Back Museum
Virtual Museum

Prepare a description for each work of art (english and french if possible).
Artist's Name:
Title of the work:
Date produced:
Materials used:
Artist's Statement:
(What was the artist trying to say? Where did he or she get the ideas for the artwork from?)

Invite family and friends at least one week
prior to the event

Activity #5:

Each artwork needs to be placed
in the gallery space.
It must have an identification card.

Mount the exhibition.
(Depending on the number of artworks, participants will need about 2 hours to mount the show before the guests arrive).
- You will need tables, tablecloths
  and tape.
- If the exhibition is set up in the
  classroom, students can use their desks
  to display their art.

Make your guests feel welcome
- Make a speech. Welcome your guests
  and introduce the exhibition.
- Show the film Crac!.
- Explain the artworks and the path you took
  to get to the final work.
- Serve refreshments (juice and cookies).

Explanation and ceremony
and closing of the Art box
(see Activity 2)


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